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63 page à lire et à imprimer pour être au courant de la situation 


It is very important to read that and try to understand, it happens 3 years in Belgium

The buzzsaw is a powerful system of censorship in this country that is revealed to those reporting on extremely sensitive stories, usually having to do with high level government or corporate malfeasance. It often has a fatal effect on one's career. ... A journalist who has been through the buzzsaw is usually described as "radioactive", which is another word for unemployable".

Hi, what do you think ?

About terrorism screening process with international impacts, in Belgium. With devices to make corporate terrorist state.

We are worming their magnetic field and bastards watch on screens. (digitalisation-digitaliseur)

They emit in the subvocal frequencies  and to the five mhz band (Gathered and international).... probably so near the higest frequency of the voice capabilities


Bastards organize tracking and harassment 24h/24 7j/7 with mixed subvocal sound using usurpated voice gathered with the echelon in the domestic surveillance. (with a mecanical device and also a software like gate).
I have the results of measurments in an anechoic chambre who prove that i'am targeted  on the temple right and left by  silent sound  pulsed waves.
Silent sound is the ultimate weapon existing in the called non-lethal arsenal.

Le 6 octobre 2012, Je me suis rendu à un meeting à l'université de Ghent organisé par

L'université mettait aimablement ses locaux et sa chambre anéchoique à notre diposition et deux spécialistes étrangers équipé du matériel de mesure had-oc et bien sur breveté et calibré ont effectué les mesures.

Les résultats montrent que je suis visé "accroché" au niveau des tempes gauches et droites par une arme a énergie dirigée emettant du silent sound sur une fréquence très précise (chiffres exacts et vidéo de la séance de mesure disponible). 

Cette technique de tracking et harassment se nome "voice to skull". Le silent sound est l'arme par excellence de la guerre avec des armes à énergie dirigée. 

Please find herwith the ICAACT in Brussels interview done by Anton Glas from "Transparant Vlaams Nederlands Radio".

H-waves, Hacheuse, Digital, Troughts, Perpetrators, Rotshild, Surveillance, Domestic terrorism, Snitching, Chemtrails, Tapping, Subvocal, People Cookers, Masint, Maser, Triangle, TM-SW7905, Diffraction, Echelon, Multi-victims, Stalking, Waves guides, WHY PINK FLOYD ?
H-waves, Hacheuse, Digital, Troughts, Perpetrators, Rotshild, Surveillance, Lakhovsky,Domestic terrorism, Snitching, Chemtrails, Tapping, Subvocal, People Cookers, Masint, Maser, Triangle, TM-SW7905, Diffraction, Echelon, Multi-victims, Stalking, Waves guides, WHY PINK FLOYD ?

Bastards are monitoring the world wide web also, maybe with dsc1000 devices ( digital, carnivore) or /and with ratswares,   a kind of Sureview (raytheon) like some institutions use to monitor, plan, securise and spy networks.

We are lots of belgian victims (and foreign) harassed, tracked, being destroyed and knowing and lots of victims already raped, saboted and listed to be put under surveillance 24/7.

Terrorists make chain reaction. (OSEH = Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment ).

Bastards are closing and falsifying (facing -copying-spoofing) the world wide web, communications and informations networks.

Cops make also the  buzz-saw and cover the crime despite that they are victims.

Proofs of complaints are impossible to obtain. In lots of cases, prosecutors and cops alienate complainants.

Protocols used are those of the Nazis during the ww2 and devices are well-know by institutions like NASA, nsa, otan, cia.

Since 3 years harassed and targeted by belgian cointelpro, i wrote a thesis for which there was an open call for proposals concerning the fight against that kind of terrorism.

My lecturer is the PhD in political sciences Roberto Scaruffi from Brazil.

La these de l’IRSD, Appel à Projet 2012.

a part of the description below is a projection following  screened process already running

I dont find any contacts in Belgium strongly closed by the echelon and i'am blocked by the fact that gang-stalking must rest a myth  since the begining of the century.

Cops maintain the silence around that mortal terrorism, because nobody is well informed. The problem is that the stalkers are well informed. Some know that stalkers are aware of the procedures, but in fact it is worse.

In my case, the stalkers are installed in police records longer than my stalking.

Secrets and non-collaborations leaves the door wide open to attacks of this garbage deployent their ops between all actors. (man in the middel attack, forgery, false flags).

Stalkers settle more, their crimes are more and more serious, the police increasingly illegally and the closing is louder.

Everything tends more towards illegality and human rights are violated. prevent the stalkers discovered by causing the new victim and assassinations.

Police stations become  rotten  and it is possible that police officers commit serious errors.This is extremely dangerous.

This algorithm armed on a commander controling the DEW arsenal and the worm  follow the Nazi pigs theorem, it is the bullying with which  the stasi quite  a no mans land with a large part of germany.

Wideband Mixer Circulator Retro Reflector by Benjamin Simon

Could you support my candidacy so that I complete this work in extreme emergency on field ?

Seeking funding ...
radio/humint operator equiped, understanding...

Benjamin Simon, 27 ruelle Burton 5340 Gesves

0032497615904 (maybe unreliable because hacked)

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