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Interview with James and personnal researchs on belgian stalkers methods and technical aspects.

En dessous de cette annonce que je vous prie de diffuser, vous pourrez lire une conversation que j'ai eu cette nuit avec une personne ciblée aux Etats-unis.

Ce qui m'a aidé à developper un peu une autre partie du probleme techniquement et par écrit. 

Il est question de la survie de NOMBREUSES victimes laissées aux armes à énergie dirigée d'assassins en Belgique par la POLICE dans l'incompréhension. Les impacts ultra-merdiques sont internationaux. La Belgique est en train de pourrir le monde car les ONDEURS sont Wallons. 


Pourriez-vous me pistonner, insister pour que ce travail soit contracté, soutenu et recommandé par les autorités nationales ?

Pourriez-vous m’aider à trouver des fonds d’urgence, un /des investisseurs sur l’avenir plus sain, un/des sponsors ? (visibilité fortement croissante et impacts internationaux garantis).

Je suis à la recherche d’un radioamateur et d’un humint-opérateur ayant survolé la description de la situation et prêt à consacrer un peu de temps (nécessite d’opérer au finish et dans ce cas protection privée par mes soins si besoin et par précaution, suivis sur le terrain par équipe privée et annihilations assurés ).

Benjamin Simon Voir le profil LinkedIn de Simon BenjaminVoir le profil de Simon Benjamin

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Hi Benjamin, Thank you for sending a link about gangstalking and targeting in Belgium. Do you believe the problem is the same, better or worse than in the US.

I think it is the same…..I know that it is very virulent

 I think that belgium is EMITTING on the entire band of the subvocal (with a LA = coil to make P300 waves full range + heterodyne )….and maybe that band is relayed (there are several clues that suggests to me that)…..

Other device who make continuous waves at low frequencies for stalking or other use emmit on one two of three precise frequencies or a minimum band but differents for each device, for each network, in the same scope to avoid the interference and get noticed. And naturally for keep the control.

A possibiliy is bastards supply the coil and the network ( ground and space ) with a hydrogen optical maser to make a global sanguine. 

If belgian stalkers are emitting and make reflect the dod ww2, (couronne, ect)….that can make a sanguine worldwide…(french connection – la langouste was sanguines). In these case belgium is emmitter and master for the world (

Then the perpetrators and the victims in other countries are blocked in the os/eh… nobodies can take the desision to stop..
I am studying technicals aspects at this moment…but the problem is i am alone and the echelon is very strong locally.

I think also perpetrators are pulsing waves for mind-blowing who distrubed other poeple if they want to speak of gang stalking…IT IS VERY RUDE

Bastards emmit also subvocal patterns, it is the most dangerous because this place an information that is not validated by the natural cycle of intelligence. Some people are insensitive to this.

The effects this subliminal is easy naturally reversed and know the day of poeple targeted become aware of the illness because this informations are not really mixed with naturals informations.

I am not too bothered with real telepathy and mind-blowing frequencies because I am stalked with an other kind of wave and maybe not with the same polarization…..

If stalkers try to penetrate my brain with mind-blowing, I have the priority and than they have fear… Bastards remain in the pure voice to skull (with audible sound) and make the harassment chain 24/7. Nazis target me also with low pulsed frequencies to make me physical damage and suffering (foots,spine, genitals…).

Other poeple was scanned trought the vocals cords by an tapping effect on the magnetic field from and to the continuous wave. nobody in the shelter except the command center near the transmitter and where stay stalkers with the masters commands.

The sound coming from me is taken by way of air (overpressed between the monitoring wave and my body) who tap the surveillance wave (maybe optical)….

It is pure extrapolation. I am only thinking by elimination and regarding FACTS because I am NOT equiped…technically and in theory that work

I think bastards are scanning the background with the wideband….
After what I’ve read, the wideband is the perfect ground for the mixing of different kinds of waves to transmit the results discreetly and be compatible with the computer. And also to isolate the echelon to make it difficult to penetrate. May need to be on the safe side to get the right version … With a little help, I take everything physically.

Stalkers are certainly emitting in the WWW , at least a portion mixed, to supply the network of harassment, and maybe another part permiting hacking acces worldwide.

I dont know with wich software i can have an acces to that…but I know that is technicaly very simple…. Do you have a suggest for me ? What do you think about SATCOM ?

That MAKE SILENCE ….. hehe

ps: stalkers watch my screen…

I do not have the v2k, i have sonic weapon and mwave torture and chemical weapons. I have researched those. here is a link to my blog in which i save links which i find interesting

I believe they use chemical vapor deposition (CVD) to dispense a chemical electrolyte on ti’s in the US. CVD can also be used as a drug delivery system . For example CVD can infect people with virus without them knowing.

Ok thanks for the link,James

Ben, i believe they can see me as an image and also see through my eyes. i will look up SATCOM

Bastards are also watching at the front of me.
It is certainly not TROUGHT your eyes…..normally it is at the front of you
They are capturing wave movement of the pupil

If they dont capture the pupil movment, they are capturing the movement of your head and it was reported to the part of the surveillance wave emitted for watching in front of you……….

They hack my phone and computer because they designate me a person of interest (aka terrorist). I am not sure then how the can see what i see, if they can’t see through my eyes, but i know they see everything i do and hear everything i say and hear. i believe i do not have y2k because they use perps who have been broken and have v2k to assist my handler.

I make a copy of this convesation on

That’s ok

Are you victim of trols ? online

Not really… I block them . they don’t bother me

ok, me to

I talk to them and remain calm.
I have to go now
Talk to you later..

Please to meet you

Same here:)



Nasa: specialists of subvocal bands , lads and domestic (sigint) surveillance low frequencies.