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What is gang-stalking ? What is cointelpro ? What weapons terrorists use ?


What is gang-stalking ? What is cointelpro ? What weapons terrorists use ?

Qu'est ce que le stalking organisé ? Qu'est ce que cointelpro ? Quelles sont les armes utilisées  ? B. Simon

Ce site décrit un crime actuel qu'est le GANG-STALKING, méconnu car sous couvert, hyper-invasif et destructeur que des réseaux d’assassins perpètrent via logiciels et ondes sous la forme de réactions enchaîne et de jeux d'ordures issus de protocoles nazis (nazis pigs), obedience to authority, karpman deviances, rats-wares, spy-wares network, worm, trackers, mk-ultra, domestic surveillance, brain tapping, hearing for the deaf, silent sound, human tracking, coils, microwaves, radar, trough the wall, stalkers). 

pink floyd breaking the wall

Saturday 6, there was a meeting of detection in a anechoic room at the University of Ghent by international specialists .


ICAACT.ORG STARTS PHASE III TESTING On October 6, 2012, we began phase III of our international radio frequency scanning.

We had participants arrive from many countries. Those countries included, Denmark, Sweeden,Spain, United States, and areas throughout Europe.When the leadership of ICAACT arrived in Belgium they were asked to conduct a radio

interview by Transparent Flemish-Dutch Radio.


The results show that I am targeted and fixed at the temples left and right with silent sound waves. Silent sound is the ultimate weapon of war called non-lethal, It seems that the technique is shown in the video below.




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