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The technology of political control is made up of hardware, software, and liveware

"…The technology of political control is made up of hardware,  software, and liveware.

A new type of weapon…

Simply stated, the technology of political control is a new type of weaponry. This technology is used to neutralize the state’s internal enemies. In most cases this means the population. Most governments today see their own population as the major threat to their existence.
The technology of political control is made up of three components – hardware, software, and liveware. Hardware is the apparatus. It consists of instruments, tools, machines, appliances, weapons, and gadgets. Software is the method. It consists of standard operating procedures, routines, skills, techniques, and methods. Liveware is the implementation. It consists of the human element – rationalized human social organizations, arrangements, systems, and networks.
This new technology has created a growing pattern of abuses. It threatens the rights of assembly, privacy, and due process. It smothers freedom of political and cultural expression. It weakens what little protection we have against arbitrary arrest, torture, and extra-judicial execution.
What makes this new technology so scary is the people using it. Bureaucrats. Faceless people operating behind closed doors. Unaccountable. Uncaring. Unrelenting."


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en 2008

"Psychotronics ban in Belgium Criminal Law:
Strafwetboek: Art. 71. Er is geen misdrijf, wanneer de beschuldigde of de beklaagde op het ogenblik van het feit in staat van krankzinnigheid was of wanneer hij gedwongen werd door een macht die hij niet heeft kunnen weerstaan.
Penal code: Art. 71. There is no indictable offence, when the accused or suspect on the moment of the fact in appearedin a state of insanity or when he was forced by a power that he had been unable to resist."

La mission de la Federal Computer Crime Unit (FCCU) est la lutte contre la criminalité ICT (Information and Communication Technology), entre autres pour protéger le citoyen des nouvelles formes de criminalité dans la société virtuelle.