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Madame La Procureur Du Roi de Dinant Belgique, police de Ciney, Gouvernement, Assureurs et Banques...

Madame La Procureur Du Roi de Dinant Belgique, police de Ciney, Gouvernement, Assureurs et Banques...

Lots of cointelpro targets are forced to alienation and to take psy-drugs by ignorants, Doctors, Cops or Magistrates or because false documents are produced and infiltrated (or other corruptions). Magistrates, Cops and Doctors must know that hearing voices and being harassed is ONLY induced by perpetrators targeting people with some directed energy weapons. Lots of victims of illuminati terrorism aware have been murder in the past without have any meeting with an understanding helper and have the least possibility of defense . It is  elderly the most unthinkable horrible  untimely death. There is in the past unfortunaly lots of case of this kind of atrocities by weapons witch the existence was maybe hidden with secrets of nazis. 
Gang stalkers are not  mentaly ill  like stalkers can be, it is an  real infection and bastards dont stop to kill and make irreversible enormous damages covered until they are definitively and physicaly stopped.  They keep a strict hidden agenda with no possibilities to leave  blanks, they dont let  any privacy to the victim until  death.
Stalkers by group don' leave any possibilities to escape at the target making 24/7 brain-boxing relay with a kind of  neurofon like weapon. For exemple they make disillusion algoritms and encourage the victim to suicide, in the same time bastards practice physical  torture with waves formed to strangles génitals, to make an hole in the tympans or to induce teeths pains, etc    (B.Simon) FULL TEXT

Madame La Procureur Du Roi de Dinant Belgique 21 Janvier Fax Gang Stalking B Simon by Benjamin Simon

image by Benjamin Simon


Police de Ciney Last Mail About Local Gang Stalking - Belgium by Benjamin Simon

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