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Madame La Procureur Du Roi de Dinant Belgique, police de Ciney, Gouvernement, Assureurs et Banques...


Madame La Procureur Du Roi de Dinant Belgique, police de CineyGouvernementAssureurs et Banques...

Hello Benjamin I have all three of Bailey books  good info thanks for letting others know .

Hello Marie, please to meet you.....and thanks to introduce my new paper. 

I would that make your husband aware of your real problem.

If you have some times....make the promote of my nazi website.....

That can be a global solution because there is a Belgian WAVE....have a good W-E 

Aphex Twin - I Care Because You Do

OK Ben I will right now I am trying to help someone with DEW shielding OK then I will check it out OK?

You have to take a scanner - a radio, a coil, ? who can pump the powdered waves....the information is on the website of Barker....

I think it is the best method AND low cost...if you find a radio-operator who want help you...... to convince him,  you can show him the website of Barker or and http://www.scribd/bensim23 /

The operation with the scanner is A PUMPING.

Stay near my websitesI go make  scandal in Belgium, look at this for next days. That can be good for you and your husband will understand.

Say to your bastards there is the last level...following my OP from Belgium I could kill your bastard soon.

Say to your perp I go to have his frequency tomorrow or after and I go to kill. Bastards are most prisoner by the frequency that the victims ..... Bastards be aware that I have the mother of the frequency. I go to kill local sons of bitches.

Maybe somoene can understand that a part of the black-op concern the destruction of economy, justice, governments .... 

Because it is the same BLACK-OP (corporated patriot-acts, state terrorism, nazis deployment) that who make serious damage in Texas and and  USA there is some time and actually in global deployement thanks to bastards of Wallonia.

storm,commissaire borlon,sanguine,elf,journalistes,censure,false flags,terrorism,bombing,buzzsaw

Blogs  show like EVIDENCES with an an offset some time  the similarity of  events, targeting, falseflags, between New York and Texas, "Florida" and Belgium.

Fachists from Wallonie with a commander device prevent among others terrorist annihilations overseas and also cause a  situation ultra unhealthy and deadly in Europe that maybe lost the control of the routing and firewall (Directive stoa). See international press..

Bastards are reflecting the DOD (aéro/spatia/terrestrial/submarines), they have connected  the entire GIG with a nasa psyops, including netops. 

Gang-stalking sont deux mots tabou, Les Francais disent " une histoire belge, une fois "

The return of cointelpro in the USA an Europe was not an EVIDENCE because there is a [BUZZ-SAW] included in the [black-op]. It is called [FALSE FLAG TERRORISM]


Some cops know the existence of these screening and hide that crime....

Is it because they have fear of these process and maybe prefer abandoned complainant to killers ?

Or because they think that state-crimes means necessarily organized or sponsored by the true government and than they have to they must leave....?

They are simply cowards, or can't have human basis attitudes ?

If the victim is dead, it is simply the suicide of a psychopath... 

Maybe sometimes cops can stop a part of the criminals but never to the right facts, and to the detriments of victims, weapons stay secrets and criminal also...

Often, innocents are going to the prison, or some person for too long...Always they are prisoners included in the cointelpro and harassed electronically 24/7

COPS of Ciney have covered and participate to terrorist actions like I describe in and (strike home 2x, arbitrary confiscation of vehicle, psychiatric record due to false flag/corrupted operation with false documents identified (verifiable). convocations changing objects (based of false doc), sewing my mouth .... 

Situations of this kind would not exist if a minimum of communication (verbal and straightforward) was set.

Their duty of inquiry don't have not been. I gave one year and an half working 20h/day , asking a half day to the most cunt of their.... after which it was over....It was for me the little complement for which I had no access to data and important for  lives of others.


“Society is being lulled into a false sense of trust and reliance on technology, taking information and “connection” to others in cyberspace at face value. Like the child in the fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood, innocently wandering through the forest, we erroneously believe that the “Wolf” is whoever he appears or claims to be. Just as Little Red Riding Hood, we’re in danger of falling prey to iPredator.” Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., (2012)


Despite, cops continued with illegal attitudes without respect or the human rights and with false that I had identified. They shut me down for three years, blocking me in other police station.

No other choice and without any means, I still defend myself and I was prevented to the maximum deployment of the murderers. 

I realize that the scale is global. I Have worked three years without interruption (20h/j 7/7) to kill bastards protected by cops, because I don't want to die and to see others innocents victims died.

I met lots off local and worldwide victims along my lonely and isolated progression bursting echelon.

More than 20  one year/full time are used by terrorists to destruct me and I have the proofs for the integral quite a long time.

[silent-sound] - [quiet-crimes] - [secret-crimes] - [stalking]
[silent-sound] - [quiet-crimes] - [secret-crimes] - [stalking]

Cops have  proofs  of the conspiracy, and since the beginning of my targeting. I think i am not alone in this case.

They keep a part of my concrete evidences, probably recommendations in my favor and informations received thanks to me.

They leave me with nothing, no means of communication, hacked and covered by the directed energy weapons, 

So without the ability to refinance me, to protect me,stop the killers and run my insurance for two years. 

And with all the evidence I have gathered. Short, with my carrion sabotaging any side commenting on the abuses me via sub-vocal speech, often with sound identities of my friends.

I can not find out exactly about her targeting if outside security

For three and a half years, they let me hear sound from other silent victims they are destroying. We are many, we understand sometimes but we can't to join us.

The training, that is to say, the silent sound of these protocols of murderers is treated by mixing techniques and data mining.

Financial conditions, the permanent hacking, insulation networks and spoofing make impossible events. In addition,  killers pick on victims based  and spy on different bands.

This algorithm is designed to kill  victims in solitude, poverty with incomprehension of their owns.

Targeted individual are tortured by the situation and  with verbal harassment and by waves to make physical damages (Dr Mengele methods). 

aphex twin - come to daddy


Some victims are also mind controlled (mind blowing, hallucinations, lose of memory, etc), mutilated or physiologically damaged. 

These weapons and screening are made for political control or global sikness (corporate-terrorist state).

Belgian perpetrators are   killing and destructing worldwide 




 Cops attitudes are beneficial to the deployment of these networks they cover and also because they are under surveillance and hacked. There's cops who are victims.

Methods of cops and  judiciary also prevents victims (who are not ..) to meet. This is a way to actively participate in BUZZ-SAW.

This is among other things like that the last WORLD WAR came.

I am physically and mentally very strong, I can keep sleeping 3 hours per night and I did that people trust. Otherwise I would assuredly died two years before.

The Belgian army is ineffective against  [stalkers], there are many military who are victims and it is almost always cops who have inoculated protocol. Some officer appear also like cowards.

It is very shameful when we know that [Barack] [Obama] declared [WAR] on [gang-stalking].

 I.R.S.D.  PROJET  2012


Miscellaneous images - links - important

I have all the necessary skills for a long time to be able to defend myself and eliminate terrorist clear and precise manner with an overall defensive view.

It is necessary for the annihilation is complete and that the victims are not left behind. The inaction is fatal to many and  actions without consulting me would be an unforgivable mistake.

I don't have  any national help and I have more money, the district attorney of Dinant  advised me to see a doctor, 


During these three years of self-defense, I looked after a national contact , vainly. I contacted all institutions .


Boek Cyberpesten Fr by Benjamin Simon

Belgian Constitutional Court upholds cyberstalking provisions
Hans Graux à jeudi 29 décembre 2011

Catégorie: Cybercrime
Tags: Belgium, Constitutional Court, cybercrime, stalking, cyberstalking.

Short summary

Belgian criminal law applies different criteria to stalking and cyberstalking. Notably, stalking can only be prosecuted if there is a complaint by the victim, which is not required for cyberstalking prosecutions.

In addition, cyberstalking requires an intent to cause a nuisance to a correspondent, while stalking does not.

After examination, the Belgian Constitutional Court ruled that these differences did not amount to an unconstitutional discrimination, and allowed the provisions to stand.



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English: The Meuse south of Dinant (Belgium). ...
English: The Meuse south of Dinant (Belgium). Left: the castle of Freÿr (Hastière). Right: the Freÿr Rocks (Dinant). Nederlands: De Maas ten zuiden van Dinant (België).